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They had already been pushed out of northern and central Europe by a mass of Germanic tribes which were steadily carving out a new homeland.The East Germanic Goths were one of the first of the Germanic tribes to form a recognised kingdom, although little contemporary information exists to describe either it or their migrations other than brief mentions by Roman writers.The use of Godan instead of Wodan by the Langobard tribe is very tantalising, given the known tendency of Gaulish to convert a 'w' into a 'gw' or 'gu' sound.

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Population pressure caused them to move en masse towards the southern shore of the Baltic Sea in the first century AD, to a land which they named 'Gothiscandza' (the same circumstances repeated themselves in the fifth century with the Danish migration).

Once out of Scandinavia and on the Baltic coastline of northern Germany and Poland, they appear to have settled between the Oder and Vistula, before beginning a slow, steady drift into Ukraine, or Scythia as it was known to the ancients.

Jordanes stated that, according to Dio, the Goths were ever wiser than other barbarians and were nearly like the Greeks (although this would have been after their settling on the Black Sea coast).

Whatever their exact location, the fact that the Goths have been noted at all shows that they are a very old tribe - one of the earliest German tribes to be noted in history.

The details recorded by Pytheas were interpreted by Ptolemy in the second century AD, and this 1490 Italian reconstruction of the section covering the British Isles and northern Gaul shows Ptolemy's characteristically lopsided Scotland at the top A large-scale incursion of the sea into Jutland in this period is known as the Cimbrian Flood.Only a few names are known for the early kings, although even these are thought by many scholars to be later inventions by Jordanes.

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