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(MIT Press, 2001), Electronic Democracy: Using the Internet to Influence American Politics (2nd edition) (Independent Publishers, 2001), Next Media Reader: New Technology and the American Newsroom (American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1999), The Internet for Broadcasters (Sypha, 1996), Radio: the Forgotten Medium (Transaction, 1995), Death by Cheeseburger: High School Journalism in the 1990's and Beyond (Freedom Forum, 1994) and Demystifying Media Technology (Mayfield, 1993).

Powell has testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on public diplomacy and new technology.

Powell also served as an Executive Producer at Quincy Jones Entertainment, where he produced Jesse Jackson’s weekly television series (1990-1991) and developed nonfiction television projects; Vice President/News and Information programming at National Public Radio (1987-90); a Manager of network radio and television news for CBS News (1976-81), and News Director of all-news WINS (1973-76) in New York, introducing the 22-minute news format.

Powell has extensive experience in Africa, most recently supervising a team of USC graduate students in South Africa in the summer of 2004.

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So it's no surprise that the emphasis on the annual Silver Slugger Awards should be on the word "slugger," with Stanton and Judge among the honorees.Powell used his position as pastor of the Abyssinian Church and his strong record of community activism in Harlem to win election to a newly-created, majority-black congressional seat in New York City in 1944.