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Therefore your keyword selection may be: "motorcycle road racing", "motorcycle performance", "super bike attire" and "stunt riding". Therefore, the quantity of emails we can generate for you will depend on 2 factors: * 1) How general or specific your keywords are * 2) The number of keywords you provide (The greater the number of keywords you provide, the larger you lists will be) 3) All custom lists are compiled within 72 business hours.Email Marketing Solutions provides complete bulk email list solutions since 1997.During their threesome holiday to Norway, Jackie and John did everything from sightseeing as a throuple to sharing a bed altogether with Nora.She says the lifestyle has given her the freedom to explore her sexuality in a non-judgmental environment, and this, in turn, has made her marriage to John even stronger.The grandmother-of-seven met current partner John after splitting from her second husband five years ago and he introduced her to the 'swinging lifestyle'.Having only been in traditional monogamous marriages before then, Jackie went from having fears about swinging - to feeling confident and secure enough to go on a 'threesome vacation' with John and another woman called Nora in 2015.Jackie - who has six children from previous marriages, and seven grandchildren - said: 'My previous marriages were very conservative and John introduced me to a new way of living - one that had made me feel more empowered than ever before.'Of course, when we first began opening up our relationship, I definitely went through some moments of fear.

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Sharing her advice on feeling jealous, she tells her readers: 'Walk and talk your way through your fears and figure out exactly what is bothering you.

All our lives, we are taught that jealousy is a natural response and that we're supposed to respond to our partner doing anything outside of our relationship with envy. When you switch to a swinging lifestyle, you have to retrain your brain and there's a few simple steps to get you to that place.