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The haze of mystery surrounding the assignment provoked interest as well as annoyance.

We soon found ourselves en route to Washington, where a few more people were added--from the Signal Corps, the Air Force, and even from the Navy--bringing the total to about 40 qualified radio operator volunteers.

In December 1941, like so many of my generation, I was both shocked and excited by Pearl Harbor. At 19, I was working as a lab boy at a chemical plant.

I had completed two years of college but, uncertain of career interests, I went to work, expecting to return to college a year later.

Even before the formation of OSS, Donovan had been in contact with representatives of the British services--the Secret Intelligence Service (espionage) and the Special Operations Executive (paramilitary).

Our European Jedburgh operations were to be dominated by British patterns of training, organization, planning, and logistics.

By 1944, this usage had become common throughout France. My mind went back many years to the months of frantic activity as our team worked to help build an effective paramilitary force in the Departement of the Côtes-du-Nord.

When called to active duty, I was sent to Camp Crowder, Missouri, for basic training and radio operator training (Morse code) along with miscellaneous programs such as truck driving (useful in China two years later).

Once it came time to go back to his island and take over his fathers law firm, however, he dropped the exotic mistress for a plainer, simpler, younger girl that matches his and his familys expectations of a wife. First, a wife is essential for having a family, particularly a son to carry on the family name.… continue reading »

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One hypothesis points to the rise in core body temperature following exercise which affects the brain stem to create feelings of relaxation and reduce muscular tension.… continue reading »

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Random chatting is addictive so parents should check the timing when their children log on to this portal.… continue reading »

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These quizzes will give students a command of key English grammar and vocabulary.… continue reading »

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