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07-May-2020 04:22

Or the lesbian movement, with its long-time and long-established exclusionary practices?Why the bisexual community, historically and currently the least transphobic of the three, as well as the one with the transgender and genderqueer people?But lately I’ve been questioning this very outset as influenced by internalized biphobia.The fact that we (as a movement) have been focusing on this question as a central one implies a political hierarchy that prioritizes transgender issues over bisexual issues., and non-bi-identified transgenders and genderqueers.

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And indeed, increasingly I’ve been noticing that, notwithstanding bisexual erasure, the only time in which bisexual people and the bisexual movement are mentioned in some transgender writings, is as oppressors of transgenders.Less academically – to say that bisexuality is binary is to say that bisexuality is an oppressive identity contributing to dominant social order. I mean, of course, Eve Kosofski-Sedgwick and Lee Edelman (separately). Here is what he says in his 1994 book “Homographies”: (I guess we’re not worth more than brackets, huh?