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ESQ: The tagline of the collection is, "It Matters." Is "it" how you dress? I wanted to give men an accessible line of clothing that's comfortable yet stylish and will help them to present the best version of themselves. ESQ: I looked back at some key moments in your career — like the Heisman Trophy ceremony and the NFL draft — just to recall some of your past fashion choices, and to maybe get a better sense of your style M. You wear a lot of light-colored tailoring, sometimes jazzed up with statement accessories like bowties, sunglasses, scarves — but never anything too tricky. But how would you describe your personal fashion philosophy?CN: My fashion perspective is all over the place and anything but limited.The listed uses are those supported by the evidence described in the outline.All items listed below, even if they don't have active links, are covered in the full summary, available for download on this site.Auburn is a place that I can always call home for the rest of my life now. Tell me a little bit about how this partnership came about.CN: Well, growing up in Atlanta I always had a sense of what fashion was, a sense of style — my parents always talked about the importance of making a first impression and that's stayed with me.My favorite category is the tailoring, including the very on-trend pastel sport coats. Suit separates ranging from -0, woven shirts starting at …CN: That's something I am very proud of, the versatility.

Cam Newton, he of god-like athleticism, is best known for being QB1 of the Carolina Panthers.So the idea and challenge of being able to create a line of clothing that will allow people to look and feel confident and set a standard for themselves — and with a brand like Belk, one that I grew up with — it was just a fantastic opportunity. ESQ: It sounds like you were pretty confident in their ability to translate your sensibility, seeing as you put your name on the line. I had so many options regarding where to go with the name, but in my opinion, if people know you're going to be affiliated with it, why not put your name on it? From the very first meeting I had with the folks at Belk, I told them that I did not just want to put my name on something and allow someone else to handle the logistics.I wanted this line to be everything that I wanted it to be, from start to finish. Everything from deciding the color schemes to the patterns — all of it. CN: It took about a year and a half — and that's the fastest that Belk has ever created a line.Body camera video released by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office shows Deputy Jacob Shaw’s actions in the shooting of news photographer Andy Grimm.

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The video shows Shaw open his cruiser door and, without word, fire two shots.

According to our partners at WBNS, the officers killed in the line of duty have been identified as 54-year-old Anthony Morelli and 39-year-old Eric Joering.