Cheater dating site

06-Jan-2020 11:16

The ten people in this category were my extreme cheaters.

Unlike most real people, they wouldn’t even attempt to hide the fact that they were on the dating site to cheat on their significant others.

As you can see, although I left things ambiguous with this category, I also dropped a few hints that the owners might be closer to cheaters than swingers.

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Trep7 yahoo dating

I paid a visit to Twitter to find out what people who have been betrayed by their boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends and wives have to say about it.

They were listed as single, described themselves as such and in every way appeared to be above board guys and girls just looking for Mr. And that was it: 40 men and women placed in five allegedly unfaithful cities with four different reasons to be there.

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