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Steinski, a big inspiration behind Coldcut's initial forays into music, released his first Ninja Tune EP as Steinski and Mass Media in the same year. ’) and Mario Savio's famous 1964 address to the Berkeley Free Speech Movement".

The single, in the words of Pitchfork, "builds on a catchy loop of the Jackson 5's ‘It's Great to Be Here’ and creates one of the few anti-Gulf War protest songs of the era, transforming [ U. influence on the genre became more prevalent with the label's first compilation, Funkjazztical Tricknology, in 1995.

Around the same time, Ninja Tune began expanding its reach beyond London, by organizing its first package tours across the UK and Europe. Reconstruction, Vadim selected a baker's dozen of likeminded producers, including Reflection, Clatterbox.

Coldcut's contribution to Britain's flourishing scene was solidified by their Solid Steel show on London's Kiss FM, on airwaves since 1988.