Dating a bedwetter

05-Jan-2020 05:19

I've always been a deep, deep sleeper, even as a little kid. I told them I had a faulty kidney and wasn't expected to live too much longer.

At some point, around 5th grade, it got around the neighborhood that I was a bedwetter. I did the best I could to counter this with the other kids. Somehow the school district had a surplus of funds that had to be spent before the year was out. She told me to just slip that towel onto my bed each night. My first night at Holiday Hills, we went to an assembly.

Generally wear diapers and rubber pants on the weekends, when I tend to wet with more regularity and when I travel (nothing worse or more humiliating than totally peeing an unprotected hotel bed).

Otherwise, I don't wear protection and in the event I have an incident, wake up floating in my wet bed and underwear.

That's for that shrink, also from long ago, to figure out.

I can't quite make out if there was any connection or not between having a girl from long ago paying a bit of attention to me and my suddenly ceasing to wet my bed. If I wake up in the morning to find a pool of pee on the floor, well, she's only four months old.

I wet the bed a couple times a night and wear thick Abriform Briefs or Unique disposables. I use Depend Underwear refastenables and recently protective for men. Sometimes dry for several days, sometimes off and on-but I still wet the bed several times per month.

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Everything you wished to know and didn’t know whom to ask.

When I was in 6th grade, my school sent our class off to overnight camp for a week. I would be sharing a cabin room with my buddy classmates. My mom, god bless her, packed my bag for me, and tucked inside was a towel.

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