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12-Feb-2020 03:40

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The revival of art after this was influenced by Catholic European art in both iconography and elements of style, but retained its Ethiopian character.

In the 20th century, Western artists and architects began to be commissioned by the government, and to train local students, and more fully Westernized art was produced alongside continuations of traditional church art.

The powerful Kingdom of Aksum emerged in the 1st century BCE and dominated Ethiopia until the 10th century, having become very largely Christian from the 4th century.

Although some buildings and large, pre-Christian stelae exist, there appears to be no surviving Ethiopian Christian art from the Axumite period.

However, Ethiopian art is highly conservative and retained much of its distinct character until modern times.

The production of illuminated manuscripts for use continued up to the present day.

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Churches may be very fully painted, although until the 19th century there is little sign of secular painting other than scenes commemorating the life of donors to churches on their walls.Likewise, priests carry hand crosses during many religious ceremonies.They usually include the latticework form as well as a square at the base, traditionally believed to represent the Ark of the Covenant.For the larger part of its 1600-year-old history, the Ethiopian Orthodox church has proceeded on its own way, without significant influence from the outside world.

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It is because of this isolation that Ethiopian Christianity has retained much of its early symbolism and the raw simplicity of the very earliest Christian peoples.However, paintings in illuminated manuscripts predate the earliest surviving church paintings; for instance, the Ethiopian Garima Gospels of the 4th-6th centuries AD contain illuminated scenes imitating the contemporary Byzantine style.

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