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I’m not saying a stranger should pick you up, but men you know should have no qualms about it."And, if he doesn’t drive you home, he should at least cover your cab fare.”“If he doesn’t have enough money in his wallet, there are plenty of free activities: ice cream socials, taking a walk, having a fountain soda (this one may cost a bit)."I realize people’s interests may be different these days, but you get the gist. If it’s not a love connection, or even a 'like' connection, say you have to go home to set your hair or help your mother with the dishes. (Again, ladies, no cell phones back then, but he was determined and found a way!

And talking — talking is free.”“You need to leave some mystery. Leave him wanting more in this regard, too."Back in the day, I’d wear a sensible dress past my knees, at the very least. If you respect your privacy — and you must — you should respect your suitor’s also. Okay, maybe not those."But, I’m sure there are other examples more attune to the times. )"Ray then went missing in the war and, after a long while, they stopped searching for him.

(I’m lucky they were in the Army and looked threatening.)"Make sure you tell someone where you’ll be, and the timeframe of when you’ll be there. Okay, perhaps the meeting your parents is outdated. Meaning, after letting him be a gentleman by planning your excursions and not kissing and telling your girlfriends and the people on your block, fate and timing will play the final parts."I had a fiancé, Ray — he was the love of my life, a true gentleman.

But one thing I have come to love about Anita -- even if just by reading this diary dozens of times -- is that she doesn’t hold in her fears.While Anita was determined to walk in her parents footsteps and pursue philanthropic work, “‘Men’ would be my ob-stacle [Fred] says. I do not agree.” She valued her relationship with Fred, but was hyper conscious of maintaining a friendship only.That night, she wrote, “In the evening Fred called and remained until eleven – discussing Platonic Friendship.” The capitalization is hers–she clearly felt strongly about this platonic friendship.They'd find out where I lived, where I went to church or where I socialized after school."Or, they could 'conveniently' bump into me at the local dance hall on any Saturday night. If guys did it back then, with such limited resources and telephones that were plugged into the wall that I had to with my entire nine-person household, they could do so nowadays, too."No excuses.

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Though, I hear the types of dance halls have changed.”“My old-world European mother always said to let the man call. If you call first, you're taking away that opportunity, and you don't get to see if he's a gentleman."You should only date gentlemen.

Life seems easier when you’re “heart-free,” doesn’t it? He said he would be willing to visit any time if I would only promise some hope… He kept saying: ‘You would have to be happy because of my joy in possessing you.’ My own joy seemed to be of little consequence.” to find a boyfriend. She lived alone in a boarding house on Madison Avenue in New York City, and when she wasn’t chasing off boys, Anita liked to spend her free time playing guitar, singing in front of small audiences, and going on 4 mile walks with her girlfriends.