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At this time, Assam was known as Kamarupa (Pragjyotisha), which was crystallised in a kingdom of the same name that emerged into history in the ninth century AD.(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.) Danava Kings The Danava were the first accounted kings in the Assam region of India, beginning the region's political history.The kingdom was situated around the Brahmaputra river valley, around present day Guwahati and Tezpur.(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.) After the short reign of Bhaskaravarman's sole successor, the kingdom falls under the dominion of the Salasthambha Mlechha dynasty.The remnants of the Mlechha later establish new kingdoms; the Kachari kingdom at Khaspur and the Chutiya kingdom at Sadiya.Kamarupa takes over the bulk of their former territory.Kamarupa (or Kamrupa, or even Kamrup) was an ancient Indian region in south-eastern Bengal and Assam. Assam itself was also known by this name in the ancient period, but it is not clear if the kingdom bore the region's name, or vice versa.It is possible that Pragjyotisha's origins as a distinct kingdom far predated its emergence into history.

The people mainly belong to a mix of Mongoloid, Caucasian and Australoid races, speaking Austro-Asiatic, Indo-Aryan, and Tibeto-Burman language types.

Mention of them can be found in Hindu literature, but no other source material has survived to confirm their existence.

The chiefs were mountain people, possibly of Mongoloid origin, who were known in literature as the Kirata.

They established a capital at Hadpeshwar (present day Tezpur).

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(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.) The Mlechha are forced out of their base by the Kamarupa Pala kings and are pushed towards Dimapur, Maibong, Khaspur and Sadiya.

Jayatsena takes part in the Kurukshetra War in the Mahabharata as one of the leaders on the side of Kauravas, along with Srutayus of Kalinga, Paundraka Vasudeva of Pundra, Karna of Anga, and Malayadwaja of the Pandyas.

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