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Kamarupa (or Kamrupa, or even Kamrup) was an ancient Indian region in south-eastern Bengal and Assam. Assam itself was also known by this name in the ancient period, but it is not clear if the kingdom bore the region's name, or vice versa.

It is possible that Pragjyotisha's origins as a distinct kingdom far predated its emergence into history.

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Bhagadatta of the Naraka kings is also involved in the war.Dharmapala is often claimed as the last independent king who is overthrown by the Pala king, Ramapala, and a regional governor is installed.However, the timescale appears too long for this to be true, unless the given dates are wrong.They established a capital at Hadpeshwar (present day Tezpur).

(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.) The Mlechha are forced out of their base by the Kamarupa Pala kings and are pushed towards Dimapur, Maibong, Khaspur and Sadiya.

The kingdom was situated around the Brahmaputra river valley, around present day Guwahati and Tezpur.