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Then, you can send private messages or arrange a date all without swapping phone numbers.“Once you became matched with someone, there was no pressure to do or say anything,” Mosser says.“The only information you get at a bar is really what they look like or what they are doing at that moment. Eastwick says having these things in common with your date doesn't necessarily make it likelier that you'll be a good match or that you'll even be attracted to them when you meet in person.“That being said, there are certainly cases for some people where religion or race is a deal breaker,” he says.

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About 75% of communication doesn't involve talking, he says.

Levy says she's willing to branch out beyond her religion.

She’s used Jewish dating sites like JDate in the past, but is now open to looking for men who share her interests, if not her background.

Gestures, dress, and facial expressions may be better cues for chemistry than text messages.

So “even if you communicate via Skype, body language is lost.” Singles may project their own issues, needs, or feelings onto the images they see on profiles.She also recently downloaded JSwipe, a similar app for Jewish singles. If you are chatting [online] with people too long, you have too many expectations.” While location and speed may be everything for some singles, other newer dating sites are narrowing the field in a different way. People who have strong political, theological, or social viewpoints tend to want to meet someone who falls in line with their views, says Misha ben-David, a rabbi and licensed counselor also based in Austin.

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