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07-May-2020 19:42

Click Here To Register And See More My Other Photos[/url] [url= PROFILE HERE – NICK Mariana[/url] [url= FPWRg][img][/img][/url] [url= Xlj Z][/url] “American Idol” has backed itself into a corner, because it might need to delay taping until it lands more judges …

but that doesn’t work for the only judge it’s got so far — Katy Perry. Thursday is the last stop for the show’s tour bus auditions, and it’s just weeks away from the planned taped auditions with the judges.

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The judge didn’t think it was fair for Elliott to be punished with that cloud looming. Then the convo turned to his other famous friend, and Justin explained what really went down between himself and Mayweather.

Justin Bieber was visibly shaken by news that his pal Lil Wayne had to be hospitalized — and also broke some news himself … Justin was leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse in Bev Hills when our photog let him know Weezy had suffered multiple seizures in Chicago over the weekend. He claims it was just about “setting boundaries.” Katy Perry dodged a Taylor Swift bullet at the VMAs — even though she’s hosting the show — ’cause she was nowhere to be seen during the TV debut of T. Katy ducked out from introducing Taylor’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” Sunday during MTV’s award show …

alone, the prospect of choosing between them can seem as overwhelming as finding “the one”.Problem is — producers are no closer to locking down stars to join Katy on the panel. I.’ still hasn’t signed desired judge #2, Luke Bryan.So the dilemma is simple and serious — if the show’s forced to postpone filming, it will likely conflict with Perry’s Witness tour schedule producers worked so hard to accommodate in the first place. We’re told he wants more money, and the Disney perks he was offered instead of cash didn’t cut it. Big win for Ezekiel Elliott — who was just granted a preliminary injunction from a federal judge in Texas …Afterward, “Blackish” star Yara Shahidi came onstage to introduce a performance for Shawn Mendes.

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