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15-Dec-2019 19:49

Homicide lurks beneath the quirky exterior of the Funny Femme Fatale. She impaled her daughter’s boyfriend with a fireplace poker when he stood her up.

This type of femme will make you laugh then turn you into a kebab.

Most girls in their 20s are looking for older guys. Therefore you’ll see a lot of 21 and 22 year olds with men in their late 20s, and sometimes even early 30s. It’s probably the most attractive quality a woman can possess. I still have four years to wait until I qualify to date such a woman. Our fellow man wrecked that opportunity for us flat out. Personally, I’m cool with the single life for another few years.

And hey, hats off to those dudes, but when you want something more than a late night club partner, the young girls usually aren’t going to make the cut. See how much beer you can drink in a weekend fishing, then try to beat that record. Statistically speaking, you’re now of age old enough to date a girl who’s 29 going on 30, and be that older mature man she’s looking for. A girl with a great personality, coupled with confidence. Until the golden age of 35, gents, all we can do is enjoy the single life. I know some of you may want to challenge my views, or even choose not to accept it.

A recent conversation with a very distraught and angry friend got me thinking about the damage women can do to men.

Recently dumped by his girlfriend he ranted about how women are nothing but sneaky, gold digging liars who destroy men’s lives. So, I told him about the four types of femme fatale and since he’s a film buff I used a few movie references to support my descriptions.

In fact, some of these couples get to know each other quite well because of these lengthy, late night Skype chats.

I retort by asking mom if she’s a certified doctor, qualified to reopen old wounds.