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10-Feb-2020 05:46

"Our show has a chip on it's shoulder, because everyone should have a right to express themselves and it sucks that they don't ...

I want a TV show that gives audiences a choice of what they want without manipulating how they react.

Oh wait, that’s the end of a different plan.” At the opposite end of the Phoebe-verse is this bleak re-imagining of the show by Twitter user @strnks, which suggests that throughout the 10 seasons she was “projecting herself into the lives of the other five” and that “all she ever wanted was… Someone needs a life, that’s all I’m saying.” This theory tries to find an explanation for the gang’s permanent occupation of Central Perk’s best seats.

friends,” using every “kooky aside” as evidence that she didn’t belong in the group. Supposedly, Gunther was so in love with Rachel that he let her and her friends have the couch and armchairs whenever they wanted them, by leaving a Reserved sign there permanently.

or as the voice of the popular podcast "Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People." But he's also the ringmaster of an unpredictable, unscripted talk show where people from around the world call in to be part of the action.

Celebrities have been known to drop by as well: Unlike the host, Jon Hamm got body slammed by not one but three pro-wrestlers. Lena Dunham dispensed prom advice as a mermaid ("I bet if you got respectfully erect here, people would be okay with it").

This theory contends that Phoebe Buffay is a genius with “zero ambition” who plays her friends off against one another “for her own amusement”.

In the other is the 36-year-old comedian/talk-show host, unfazed by this behemoth of a man.

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