Electric updating nema 10 30r

03-Jan-2020 21:47

You can buy everything you need at Home Depot/Lowes and make it any length you want. Don't see any reason why not, as long as the wires are appropriate size and they certainly appear to be. @imherkimer - those are both 120V/30A plugs, and are not NEMA 10-30 plugs.The longer the length though the larger the wire guage needs to be. It really isn't hard to match up the right ends, but I don't believe you will ever find them pre-made.Is there a way to plug a 6-20p 208/220/250v plug into a 10-30r receptacle? I bought a 220v fahrenheat heater and want to be able to plug it into a range or dryer receptacle.You will not find a legal or listed "adapter" for this. A 10-30 is a 120/240V non-grounding 30A device, where the grounding function is provided via the neutral.No problems so far using this with the Tesla mobile connector instead of a charging station.Cool - first time I've seen such an extension cord.I wouldn't call it an extension cord, but before Tesla made the 10-30 adapter I made my own, which effectively added 6' to the cable.

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I just purchased an NEMA 10-30 extension cord with the intention of occasionally charging from a dryer connection at a friend's house.I was carefull to set the charging amps to 24 at each new plug.

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