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20-Apr-2020 05:07

The sudden illumination from the room's lighting and the shear racket I was making as I barged in had me alarmed as I stumbled halfway into the doorway of the bedroom.

My eyes frantically jetted through the slightly opened door, hoping that it was unoccupied.

In my liquor-induced clumsiness, I had accidentally leaned too far into the wall, my forearm slipping and pushing through the door of the last bedroom down the hall.

Unable to brace myself through the swinging door, I hit the hardwood floor with both my hands and knees in one large thud.

At the sound of the final bell, we bailed from our high school, and headed to Victor's in order to help prep for the party.

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Herman, having recognized the time, called it a night and quickly bolted in order to avoid reprimand from his own parents with barely so much of a goodbye.My friend Victor had come to me earlier that morning before class with news about yet another neighborhood party his m0ther was throwing at his home tonight.

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