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10-Mar-2020 05:08

I really think that aesthetically it generally looks really good.

I can already hear some angry small penis bearers getting their panties in a bunch because I openly like the idea of penis pumping, but here’s the truth – I have a small to average size package myself.

I have been really intrigued about penis pumping for years.

I even went to a few gay pride festivals and saw, with my own eyes, just what penis pumping, twisting, pulling and piercing can do – and I love it!

Use lots of lube cause you’ve got to pamper your main man, and pump it up twice a day, aiming for growth of about a .25 inch every 2-3 weeks.

If you’re pumping for a special occasion, lube up, pump it and lock it with a cock ring.

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I went to Omegle where I was told was loaded with people. There were 17 158 strangers online and when I entered that my interests were gay chatting this is what was written: “Omegle couldn’t find anyone who shares interests with you so this stranger is completely random.

If however the pumping is done in the shower or some other wet environment, then the lube used should be oil based.