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Chapter XXII.— Education 158 First school ; Teachers ; Districts ; Union districts ; Board of Education; Academy; Principals; List of graduates. Chapter XXI V.— Cemeteries 170 Pine Street Cemetery; Pine Street New; Northville ; Maple Street ; Catholic ; Committee for New. — Maintenance of the Poor 172 Early customs ; Town farms ; County farm. — Lawyers 174 Sketch of all those who have practised in town ; Names of a few natives and former residents who have practised else- where. — Town Officers and Justices of Peace 202 Moderators ; Town-clerks ; Representatives ; Delegates and other officers ; Selectmen ; Justices. — Music 213 Vocal; Instrumental Society; Piano; Organ; Cheney Band ; Quadrille Band; Newport Cornet; County Society; County Musical Association. Chapter XXXVI.— Races 251 Indians ; Irish ; French ; Negroes. Chapter XXIX.— Weddings 218 Four difterent styles of; Negro. — Amusements 221 Dancing ; Cards ; Various others ; Mammoth Cod Association. Chapter XXXVII.— Secession 254 Newport joins Vermont ; Returns. — Miscellany 255 Early Miscellany; Proprietor's house; California gold ; Lafay- ette, Reception of; Dress; Maps of Village; Population; ; Altitudes. Northville, in the north-west part of the town, is where the Alorse brook falls into the river. ^ I 'HE following is a copy of the charter of the township of -*- Newport from King George the Third, as granted to the original proprietors, who belonged to Xew London county, Connecticut, and mainly to the town of Killingworth : Province of New Hampshire, George the Third, by the Grace of God of Great Britain [seal.] France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith Sec To all persons to ivhotn these Presents shall come Greetixg Know ye that We of our special Grace, certain Knowledge and meer Motion-, for the due Encouragement of settling a New Plantation within our said Province, by and with the advice of our Trusty and Well-beloved Benning Wentworth Esqr : Our Governor and Comman- der in Chief of Our said Province of New Hampshire in New England and of Our Council of the said Province — Have upon the Conditions and Reservations hereinafter made Given and Granted, and by these Presents, for Us Our Heirs and Successors, do Give and Grant in Equal Shares, unto Our Loving Subjects, inhabitants of Our said Province of New Hampshire, and Our other Governments, and to their Heirs and Assigns for Ever, whose names are entered on this Grant, to be divid- ed to and amongst them into Sixty Eight equal Shares, all that Tract or Parcel of Land Situate lying and being within Our said Province of New Hampshire, Containing by Admeasurement Twenty Three Thou- sand and Forty Acres, which Tract is to Contain Six Miles Square and no more, out of which an Allowance is to be made for Highways and '■Tiimproveable Land, by Rocks, Ponds, Mountains and Rivers, One Thousand and Forty Acres free, according to a Plan and Survey thereof made by Our said Governor's order, and returned into the Secretary's Office and hereunto annexed butted and bounded as follows (viz) Be- ginning at a Stake and Stones which stands South 78 degrees East, at the distance of Six Miles and One Half Mile from the Northwesterly PROPRIETARY HISTORY.

Uriah Wilcox, while rushing down this hill, stumbled, caught his horn under a root, turned a somerset, and broke his neck. The springs were both purchased in 1S74 by Hazen P. D., of Boston, with the view of providing suitable hotel accommodations for such as might wish to resort to them, and who has had the water carefidly analyzed. It has often been said that private parties have found gold on the banks of the Goshen Branch of Sugar river. The town having different kinds of soil, had also a variety of forest trees. The other spring, situated just north of it, on the farm of Mr, Augustus Wylie, was dis- covered at a later period, and is claimed to be fully equal to the former in its beneficent qualities. The plumbago or graphite mine in the north-west part of the town, which has been wrought to some extent, is the only mineral deposit in town. And that the same be and hereby is Incorporated into a Township by the Name of NEWPORT.

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East Newport, in the east part of the town, is about the falls at the Granite Mills. Soutlnille is where the Goshen Branch falls into the meadow. 1 5 Corner of Charlestown, a town formerly Granted in this Province, and runs from the said stake and stones North Eight degrees East Five Miles and Seven Eighths of a Mile to a stake and stones, then South 60 degrees East Eight Miles and One quarter of a Mile, then South Ten degrees West six miles to a stake and stones, then North Sixty Three degrees West Six Miles and One quarter of a Mile to a stake and stones, the Bounds first mentioned, being Six Miles and One half Mile from the Bank of Connecticut River.

— County 69 Formation ; Court-house ; New court-house ; Jail ; Safes ; Clerks ; Solicitors ; Sheriff's ; Treasurers ; Commissioners ; Registers of Deeds ; Registers of Probate ; Jailors ; Judges of Probate. Chapter XIII.— Hotels 76 First Hotel; Early Hotels; Rising Sun; Newport Coffee House ; Newport House ; Eagle Hotel ; Phenix Hotel ; Sugar River House. In Testimony whereof we have caused the Seal of Our said Prov- ince to be hereunto affixed. Our Governor and Commander in Chief of Our said Province, the 6th day of October in the Year of Our Lord Christ, One Thousand Seven Hun- dred & Sixty One and in the First Year of Our Reign. The Proprietors' Record has a drawn plan of the town agree- able to the royal grant, as given by Isaac Rindge, the surveyor- general of the province.