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An itinerant preacher, Whitefield was America’s first great evangelical pastor.From the 1740’s to the 1770’s, Whitefield went from town to town speaking to ever-growing crowds.The signers of the Declaration of Independence were not just rejecting British government; they were trying to decentralize the role of government.The result was the passage of the Articles of Confederation.While Whitefield was always careful not to directly challenge the established order, many clergymen saw in his sermons a direct challenge to ecclesiastical authority.Christ Church cautiously decided to invite Whitefield to speak to the United Parishes of Christ Church and St. While all agreed that Whitefield had been restrained and respectful in his sermon, the clergy decided never again to invite the preacher. As a self-professed outsider, his influence was impressive.The era of his Ministry in American History is known as the first Great Awakening.

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Hamilton sought to bridge the gap between revolutionary aspirations and practical nation building.

These articles stressed the benefits of a stronger central government that could help an emerging power.