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31-Dec-2019 16:19

While I actually have a lot of attractive friends, the reality is that most extremely attractive women do not go around randomly friending people on Facebook.Not only is it an insecure practice but it’s also highly unlikely.Quick spammer tip: if you’re going to generate thousands of fake profiles, don’t do it all at once as it will bring attention to you! Anybody who only has a single profile photo on Facebook is either extremely late to the whole online socializing experience, or is a complete fake.While I don’t know the percentage, the vast majority of Facebook users have well over one picture of themselves within their profile.

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If they’re interests show that they are fun-loving, free spirited, and all of their interests are like that, there’s a good chance their profile is fake.

With the little information provided in the profile below, it’s not a surprise that mostly men approved this fake girl’s friend request.