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31-Dec-2019 16:19

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While we all enjoy having attractive friends, if you don’t know the person who just friended you and they are extremely attractive, there’s a good chance that “friend” isn’t a real person.

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Unlike other forms of social media, Facebook can show people a much more intimate look at your life, and once you have friended someone there is usually a lot of drama involved in unfriending them.Most scammers nowadays don’t take much time to fill out all the details of fake profiles.Whether that’s because scammers have just become lazy, or Facebook’s increased crackdown on fake profiles scared off the true scam artists, bare minimum profiles have become a standard. It means they look like they just signed up for Facebook and have liked only a couple of things. The creator of the profile put in the bare minimum effort to make the user look legitimate.I’m not saying that there aren’t fun loving individuals out there, but most people have a wide range of emotions that show up on their profile.

Anybody who has a single emotion is not a real human.

If the user hasn’t published photos of themselves then they should have at least been tagged by someone else.

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