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20-Apr-2020 23:46

it a “drive-by download”: a hacker infiltrates a high-traffic website and then subverts it to deliver malware to every single visitor.

It’s one of the most powerful tools in the black hat arsenal, capable of delivering thousands of fresh victims into a hackers’ clutches within minutes.

I’ll make him a trade: I’ll tell him how babies get born, if he will tell me how to turn on a car. If you ask me, the empty expanse behind Cam Newton’s forehead proves that nature is just fine with areas entirely devoid of consciousness.

It’s so funny when females try to talk about things that they shouldn’t. Apparently there are some subjects that are the immutable province of guys only.

Now the technique is being adopted by a different kind of a hacker—the kind with a badge.

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Back then, an NFL quarterback tried to sign her notepad because he assumed she was an autograph seeker. This is why I propose a useful gender-culture exchange with Cam Newton.

“If Congress decides this is a technique that’s perfectly appropriate, maybe that’s OK.