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The number of inmates put to death in 2014 was the fewest in 20 years, while the number of new death sentences imposed by U. courts—72—was the fewest in modern American history, according to data collected by the Death Penalty Information Center.

In February, Markell’s neighboring governor, Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, declared an open-ended moratorium on executions.

Even so, Tsarnaev is in no danger of imminent death.

He is one of more than 60 federal prisoners under sentence of execution in a country where only three federal death sentences have been carried out in the past half-century. The situation is similar in state courts and prisons.

Alex Kozinski, the conservative chief judge of the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, recently wrote that Americans must either give up on capital punishment or embrace its difficult, brutal nature.

Rather than pretend that execution is a sort of medical procedure involving heart monitors and IV lines—a charade that actual medical professionals refuse to be part of—we should use firing squads or the guillotine. jurisdiction has used rifles for an execution in more than 50 years.) “Of course, it does raise the question of whether we are really comfortable with having a death penalty that literally sheds blood,” Kozinski allowed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.The relative few who are killed continue to be selected by a mostly random cull.