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Over the last ten years, Chan has emerged as the leading male singer of his generation, fulfilling his role as an innovator and a leader in the HK music scene, winning prestigious awards one after another.

He has won numerous awards in both mainland China and Taiwan, most notably Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards.

His album Admit It was nominated for Golden Melody Awards' Best Male Singer; although it was ultimately won by Gary Chaw.

Next year, he was again nominated for Golden Melody Awards' Best Male Singer, for his work in Mandarin album "Don't Want To Let Go", although the award went to Jay Chou.

In 2015, Chan released the 《準備中》(Preparing) Cantonese album, including number one song "Unconditional" 《無條件》. Chan has held five major theme concerts at the famous Hong Kong Coliseum starting from 1999.

His first series of concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum, a total of four Eason's 99Big Live concerts and came four years after his debut in 1995.

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In 2014, he received Honorary Doctor of Arts degree for accomplishments in the Cantonese music industry from Kingston University, where he studied architecture before entering the entertainment industry.Chan and Cheung have sung a duet together, titled 天下太平, on the album Perfect Match by Albert Leung and Ronald Ng (伍樂城), released in April 2006.Chan and Cheung have collaborated on other occasions as well.Chan has been praised by critics and fellow musicians alike as one of the top singers of his generation.

Since the very beginning of his career, he has been one of the favourites to lead the new generation of Cantopop.

In 2003, he again held a series of seven The Third Encounter concerts with the support of Music Plus.