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Studies of Vietnamese skulls clearly show that there are different types, with the ancient Melanesian skulls slowly changing and becoming more Oriental, eventually trending over the last 2,300 years towards the true SE Asian type.The Melanesian type seems completely phased out 2,3000 YBP.The present brief work is not intended to be more than is expressed in its title an Introduction to Ethiopic Christian Literature. It is not known at what date these settlements were made, but it must have been before the Christian era.It is not meant for Ethiopic scholars, but its purpose is to give as simple an account as possible of the Literature with which it deals. It seemed necessary to say something, first of all, of the language and the general history of the Church and country, which, to say the least, are not at all well known. It is the evidence of the language that shows that the immigration was from South Arabia.My final thought on this is…will the royal family of England really embrace a woman with African American heritage?It’s been rumored that Markle has already met Harry’s father, Prince Charles.If that is indeed true, that holds some significance.

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I don’t think many SE Asians look Australoid, unless you include Negritos, Senoi, and some East Indonesians, but those Indonesians are really Melanesians.They wanted me to address it because some consider Meghan “black.” But one look at her and you know there’s something more there.At first sight, I didn’t see any trace of African in her, and when I saw this video from magazine, I got even more curious.Then follows a brief sketch of the literature as a whole. The Ethiopic, or more correctly, the Geez language, is allied to Arabic, but is far more closely akin to the language of the Sabean or Himyaritic inscriptions which have Some remarkable changes in their method of writirig were afterwards made by the Semitic tribes who came over to Africa.

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The concluding chapters deal each with one department of the literature, commencing with the Bible In these later chapters I have chosen for description such books as seemed to me to be of most general interest, or most typical of their class. In the first place they began to write from left to right, instead of from right to left as in Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, and even in the Sabean inscriptions. Besides this they developed an original and most ingenious system of vocalization.

As a mother of two biracial girls, I refuse to pound into them the notion that because I am black, that’s all they are also.

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