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03-Feb-2020 00:34

When I wanted to submit this article, I found that it would be published under Yoga-Spirituality। So, I first thought of requesting the editor to change the last part of the link from yoga to spirituality to differentiate it from yoga, which is more concerned with asanas, yama, niyama, pranayam etc., but then realised that the goal of spirituality and yoga is one and the same, that is. We can very well understand when we talk of a physical world.union of the jeevatma with the paramatma, the part realising its oneness with the whole, the ego willing to play its role in the drama of life. We can hear, see, smell, taste and touch something. We can touch a solid, smell it if it has a smell, taste it if it has a taste, we see it as having a definite size and shape.Thus a solid can be sensed by all five sense organs. When it comes to the liquid, we can certainly see it but with an important difference - it has no size or shape except as defined by a container. It certainly makes a splashing or sloshing sound when moved in the container.Even a dynamic body of liquid like a river makes sound as the water ripples along and meets other solid bodies or when it is separated from itself and then meets itself like a water fall. The difference between a vapor and a gas is that in the case of a vapor it is in contact with the liquid.We can smell them, taste them (most of the gases don't have a taste but some like carbon dioxide react with water and produce carbonic acid, which gives a characteristic taste to the soda and when oxygen is driven off by boiling water and cooling it without much aeration, it tastes flat) and touch them indirectly (when a breeze blows, we feel it).One important difference between a liquid and a gas/vapor needs to be understood at this point.

We can impact it with another solid and hear the sound of impact.

Thus a spiritual person tries to expand his consciousness further and further.

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Yesterday, I received an email from an ex-girlfriend of Justin Wayne who revealed what really goes on behind the scenes. She claims that Justin ran a "fake MTV group", and was convincing girls that they would be part of an MTV reality show!… continue reading »

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