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Therefore, the act of eating is not a meaningless, sensual indulgence, nor even a necessary means of maintaining our physical well being.

It can and should be the proverbial ladder to heaven– a means of bringing holiness and sanctity into our lives.

At a distance, he observed a very old man, watching him and shaking his head from side to side disapprovingly.

What spiritual improvement can he confer upon this animal by eating it?

Therefore, before eating meat, we must ask ourselves the very sobering question of whether in fact, given who we are, are we indeed benefiting this animal?

The Talmud (Yerushalmi Kiddushin very end) says that at the end of one's life, the first question God asks is: "Did you taste every fruit that I put on Earth?

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" We are enjoined to appreciate all of life's bounty.Others are vegetarians because they find it morally wrong to kill an animal for food. First, some background on the Jewish worldview: Ideally there should be no barriers between one's physical and spiritual existence.

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