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15-May-2020 07:41

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He's a cummer as it turns out, and he strings my face with 3 or 4 ropes of juice.

I put his cock in my mouth to get the last bit of his cum and jack my cock furiously. Maverick came over and licked it up- then licked his owner's cock. It was hot and different and a turn-on, but it also made me feel ashamed, and dirty.

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Then he grabs my hand and has me reach back to hold behind the knot so he can watch and jack off.

I manage to fuck myself for about 5 minutes with Maverick's fat wang.

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I hear the guy say "Oh YEAH" and the dog's cock is in him. He seems to be as Maverick keeps jumping up on both of us. I do, and Maverick gets behind me and starts licking my asscrack.

I brought a DVD that I own, and he had a couple that he owned too.

We watched is straight k9 videos first-- women getting the knot, etc. He was very interested in these scenes, as he had been fucked before but never really watched other guys getting it. Evidently he knew what was about to happen, and was VERY excited for it.

I drove the two hours back home in a haze thinking "what did I just DO?

"Two days later I was jacking off and remembering how great it felt.

The cock is immense- all pinkish and veined and spurting a watery jet of cum every second or two. Then I put the pointy tip of the dog's cock to my lips-- then tongue the dog's head.