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23-Mar-2020 13:07

Keep in mind this is gambling- there is massive risk involved any time you lay money on the line and with the unpredictability of a sport like MMA it only makes it tougher. WILDCARD- This section will include bets only to be made if you have some extra cash.

All we can do is prepare ourselves to the fullest extend and make bets that we feel good about. SILVER- Bets posted in this section will have a solid to slightly higher payout, but will involved a little more risk and while I am confident enough to post these bets, I do see where we could go wrong. Most posts in this section will be long shots to hit or at least have a lot of working parts involved, but if they do the win the payout will be significant. ”A popular term in sports betting is “unit” and below I will explain what bettors mean they refer to a unit, and examples of it being used.

I don’t expect to see big volume and honestly I don’t anticipate a KO win.

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Using units gives us a tool to keep track of profits and losses without the dollar value.

Nunes starts like a firecracker, but has a reputation for fading- Zingano, Davis, and to a lesser extent, Shevchenko followed this trend. For us, Tate has to survive the opening round and then she will take over in round 2 and beyond.

Nunes has fight ending potential, but her window to win the fight closes quickly.

If she paces herself in an attempt to conserve energy, Miesha will outwork her. Her shoulders sit pretty flat on the mat and I don’t trust her ability to get out from under Tate once put there.

Big title defense for Tate and with only 11 fights (as of right now) and a couple of big lines- I’ve got Tate in my Silver parlay. With takedowns and top position strikes over a 5 round fight she will pile up the points.Instead of putting together Parlays based on what type of bettor you might be, we are going to rank each parlay/ single bet based on 3 things- Value, Risk, and Confidence.

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