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13-May-2020 09:56

Venus Square Uranus came along with him and another girl in their synastry and it played out.

A little more background information on the venus opposition saturn aspect.

I had this conjunction with a boyfriend it was a very close conjunction - conjunct by just minutes. Im a Capricorn rising, so I guess Im comfortable with Saturn since hes my chart ruler and all. But I think the fact that we stayed together for as long as we did is testimony to the strength of this aspect because the synastry was ALL difficult aspects.

Without this aspect I don't think we would have made it even a week! @Lucky Leo Very interesting :] do you guys still bump into eachother?

Venus is always the one who suffers more, though Saturn may feel ill-used by the less responsible or even frivolous attitude of his partner, who does not appreciate all the hard work being done to provide a firm foundation for the relationship. Theres commitment for yalol My Saturn/Jupiter conjunction opposes his Venus and his Saturn trines my Venus.

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Is this true for anyone who has exprienced it, whether it's you or a couple you know?

Sometimes Venus will develop an affection for a Saturn person who for some reason does not return her love or whom she subsequently finds is inaccessible to her.

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