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13-May-2020 09:56

Sometimes Venus will develop an affection for a Saturn person who for some reason does not return her love or whom she subsequently finds is inaccessible to her.When the planets are in adverse aspect or either is debilitated Saturn may in some way be the means of denying pleasured to the Venusian partner.The good aspects encourage loyalty but often Venus has to supply most of the affection, while Saturn, even if equally affectionate, may have difficulty in demonstrating his affection outwardly or may lack gentleness in expressing it, though he is likely to have a sober regard for the sterling merits of his partner.Ptolemy speaks well of the conjunction as a combination promising happiness and constancy but it has been observed that on occassion, Saturn's apparent coldness can evoke in Venus such a feeling of restricting and of not being appreciated that the partnership may never flourish.Mutual dependence, mostly in a positive way, characterizes this relationship.This is one indication of a long-term, significant relationship.From Cafe Astrology: The Saturn person acts to stabilize the Venus person's emotions.One another's devotion to the relationship is generally respected.

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Saturns lack of consideration and constant neglect may eventually dampen the gaiety of Venus and exhaust the Venusian capacity for giving affection, while Saturn may consider it his duty to adhere to certain rigid principles of behavior that make no concession to his partner's special need for love and attention.

You can count on each other, and you both take the relationship seriously.

You are likely to make sacrifices for one another without even thinking twice.

From the book understanding Astrology through relations by Ronald Davison:"If the Venusian partner places a high value on integrity and dependability, she will appreciate her Saturnian mate.

This contact tends to favor the long term build-up of an affectionate link between two partners but of itself it is hardly a combination promising ecstasy.Venus is always the one who suffers more, though Saturn may feel ill-used by the less responsible or even frivolous attitude of his partner, who does not appreciate all the hard work being done to provide a firm foundation for the relationship. Theres commitment for yalol My Saturn/Jupiter conjunction opposes his Venus and his Saturn trines my Venus.

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