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17-Jan-2020 19:16

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###During a recent venture to my local grocery store, the wholesome kind with an elderly owner stocking fresh tofu at all hours, I was wandering the pharmacy aisle when something caught my eye: condoms. You may have noticed that Magnum condoms, Trojan’s plus-size product, are taking over the shelves.

Specifically, the types of condoms: of the five options on display, only two were regular Trojans. My friend, photographer Azikiwe Mohammed, certainly did: during a cross-country road trip, he began documenting every liquor and convenience store that stocked the jumbo latex – and found that nearly every one of them did.

Though you may want to keep the Magnums hidden in the back of the drawer, or you could wind up facing a question like: “So, your ex…THAT big, huh?One woman said she was relieved once she and her boyfriend started using them, since he no longer lamented that wearing a condom left him feeling like he was “wearing a paper bag…a very tight, uncomfortable paper bag.” Magnums aren’t the only “big boys” on the block. Durex is working hard to overtake Trojan’s dominance, luring Ice-T and Coco as spokespersons and launching social-media campaigns in attempts to take their European domination across the pond.Life Styles has their KYNG imprint (measuring 7.48 inches, they’re actually slightly smaller than a regular Trojan ENZ) and Durex XXL, the largest available in the U. So with all these alleged mega-condoms flooding the market, the question remains: should you actually try one?We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.

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By submitting this query, you agree to abide by these terms. The sales numbers support his discovery: Between 20, Magnum sales grew by over 14%.

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