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Taken in this context, is Kelly's a victim of its own survival, a gnarly needle in a haughty haystack? The Dome is the sort of place that reinforces people's stereotypes of unkempt winos who snatch purses and urinate in public.During happy hour, the crowd often includes half a dozen severely inebriated construction workers shouting to one another in Spanish.Behind me was seated a stoic gentleman, slowly nursing a beer and talking to nobody.The small TVs were tuned to nothing particularly important.This isn't so much reverse snobbery as suspicion that you might be an undercover cop, as the Belltown of today is filled with trendy restaurants, high-rise condo towers, and the people who can afford them.But the Belltown of yesterday—not World War II yesterday, but through the first Bush Presidency yesterday—was Seattle's skid row, an area rife with junkies, dealers, pimps, hookers, crooks, and various other ne'er-do-wells.

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I told him when that day came I'd meet him there, and buy us another round of shots.

Playing pool was a middle-aged Latino fellow who confessed to having no recollection of how he'd gotten home from the bar the prior night.

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