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07-Jan-2020 12:01

We are certain that you’ll get value out of it IMMEDIATELY ! While the saying is “Excel and Power BI “Better” Together” …

We say “Excel and XLPublish and Power BI “Best” Together” 🙂 But the big story is Analysis Services, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Excel, Office Automation, OLAP, Power BI, Power BI Desktop, Power Query, Power Pivot, Process Automation, Self-Service BI, Spreadsheets, the Cloud, XLPublish, is already a complete and mature piece of tech at this point, we have added one new feature that you might find useful, Multi-Workspace Publishing With the introduction of App Workspaces in Power BI (a great way to organize your various “audiences” for power BI Dashboards/Reports) we have decided to add the ability to Publish will have its own synchronized version of the Single Latest Dataset published from that single Excel Source file. Save Msg Box "PBI Update Complete", vb Information vb OKOnly, "PBI Update" Exit Sub PBIErr: Msg Box Err.

(Note …While this post is about Power BI I believe that it all probably applies to competitive products currently on the market). BUT, as a noted contrarian, or someone who draws their own conclusions from the facts available (same thing today, apparently), I concluded that the REAL definition of “Self_Service BI” is , should and always will run through Microsoft Excel.