My boyfriend dating someone else

23-Mar-2020 13:07

Everyone but his mother is in the medical industry, and when they arrived they immediately tried to take over.His dad (who is a doctor) told my husband’s doctors to only talk to him.Obviously, it hasn’t gone over well, and now I’m being attacked on all fronts.They filed a complaint with the hospital and have been calling every person they can think of to get them “to talk to me.” This isn’t about me being a mean wife; I’m trying to protect him from this. You’re acting as your husband’s advocate while he is unable to advocate for himself, and you are carrying out his last known wishes to the best of your ability.Well, I got a phone call from the executor of his estate and was told he left me a rather generous bequest: several valuable paintings and his collection of rare books. Then I got several messages from his children asking to meet with me.I feel uncomfortable and a little guilty about the entire subject now.Whatever the outcome, there is definitely at least one step in between “seething silently” and “cutting John loose forever,” especially since the two of them have been best friends for a long time. An affair to remember: When I was starting graduate school, I met a lecturer who was 30 years older than me. We ended up having an affair that lasted four years (technically he was married, but they lived separate lives in separate houses on different coasts); he inspired me to go after my Ph. I never discussed him or our relationship with anyone.He died while I was out of the country, and while I was sad not to be able to pay my respects, I never expected anything.

I am so shocked and angry that I keep asking myself if this is real life.

Not only does it offend and sadden me that this box is so meaningful to him, but I’m terrified that I’ll accidentally uncover it at some point. A: My first question is why are you doing “everything in [your] power to make him comfortable,” including ending a friendship you presumably enjoyed?

Making room in our lives for a partner is laudable; putting their comfort above our own is not. The real question is why you’re with someone who is so adamant about refusing to compromise with you, while apparently you’ve bent over backward to compromise for him.

” After his family agreed with her, I changed the visitation and banned them.

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He wanted it, and I don’t feel like they were being helpful.The naked-picture stash seems to me to be a bit of a red herring. For him to compare a box of nudes to his wedding album is, at the very least, an incredibly dumb analogy—there’s a pretty significant difference between photos of your wedding day, which has a significant social, emotional, financial, sexual, and physical impact on your life and history, and photos of the naked torsos of everyone you’ve ever slept with. Protecting my husband: My husband recently was in a life-changing accident.

Basically all forms of income are included for the purposes of a child support assessment and if you become bankrupt the debt remains.… continue reading »

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