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19-Apr-2020 03:07

It’s not going to feel good.” With this important information, I devised a more detailed put-it-in-the-pooper plan.In January, sounding oh so scientific (and as cute as can be), I spouted off some knowledge gleaned from this very site: “The prostate gland is similar in size and shape to a walnut.And when he was good and ready, I popped the plug back in.He liked this combination of front and back attention much better, as did I. After about an hour our anal endeavor was over and the search for his prostate gland was called off.February arrived and with it a text message from my boyfriend that read, “I’m really excited for you to do me in the butt. After a few minutes I turned on the vibrator located inside the butt plug. We agreed that foreplay first without the butt plug was a good idea.

I can’t keep my hands off it, and simply touching it turns me on.This is another issue, but I just dread the possibility of seeing him at work, him talking smack about me to coworkers, and overall being condescending toward me, or trying to get on my nerves if he can’t get what he wants (me).