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30-Jan-2020 22:08

"She’s brilliant, driven, thoughtful and compassionate. She is extremely and fiercely loyal to family and friends and will always have my back.She’s also incredibly beautiful and puts me to shame, but if you don’t outkick your coverage, you’re not doing it right.""Our ceremony décor included tall slender glass vases with draping Phalaenopsis orchids lining the ceremony aisle and white orchid blooms placed into the courtyard’s fountain," said the bride."I thought people searched for the amazing unreachable and overlooked the good attainable, but I’ve been proven wrong. I would say I fell in love with her on our trip to Montreal and discovered that our love was “true” after the first couple bumps in the road and the forgiveness that followed.""Having the experience of being a groom was indeed all I dreamed of," Trey admitted."My groomsmen and I became closer during the entire process, which was important to me because I hear all the time that people often lose friendships during weddings and the lead-up. I selected my guys based on what they meant to me in life and I wanted them to know that.""I felt incredibly lucky and completely at ease," said the bride of being with the altar with the groom.She is my soulmate and she completes me; without her, I’d be half the person I am.""I’ve always believed that true love comes when you least expect it – you can’t seek it out or make it happen. Trey has proved every fantasy of love I could have ever imagined.I was at a point in my life where I was uninterested in dating and had made a conscious decision to focus on growing as an individual.

Pleasantly surprised by his warm smile and easygoing nature, I introduced myself and, according to him, flirtatiously asked: “What are you running for?

"One random weekend during the summer, we both decided to take the day off and go to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal. It was an amazing trip and I knew I had my paradise partner then.""This is going to sound extremely cliché, but Trey is my best friend," said the bride.