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Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. They could, however, in case of a grave danger menacing the Church, provide by an absolute majority and secret vote for the necessary ways and means to meet the situation, issue urgent temporary ordinances for particular dioceses, and order the public recitation of prayers.Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more — all for only .99.... In case of the death of the cardinal camerlengo, the cardinal grand penitentiary, and individual penitentiaries, this cardinalitial commission could fill their places for the period of the vacancy (C. In the Middle Ages the ecclesiastical division of Rome into seven regions disappeared, owing to the changes in Roman topography; consequently, the ceased gradually to bear the names of their regions. According to an ancient concession the wishes of Austria, Spain, and Portugal are as far as possible respected, when there is question of raising to the cardinalate a bishop of one of these nations, known thenceforth as a crown-cardinal. It was natural enough, therefore, that the term ), as well as to the aforementioned twenty-eight priests of the immediate papal entourage in ecclesiastical functions. Sixtus V decreed, in keeping with the wishes of the reform-councils, that, above all, it should contain doctors of theology (), and that there should be in the college at least four theologians from the mendicant orders. As a matter of fact, such nominations would not be invalid, and have been made (Archiv. These cardinals do not possess papal jurisdiction; they cannot therefore make laws nor modify the system of papal elections, create cardinals or bishops, nor issue commissions to cardinal legates. On the other hand, Sixtus V, by his yet valid constitutions "Postquam verus", of 3 Dec., 1586 (§ 4), and "Religiosa sanctorum", of 13 April, 1587, fixed the number of cardinals at seventy, six cardinal-bishops, fifty cardinal-priests, and fourteen cardinal-deacons, in imitation of the seventy elders of Moses, and declared null and void all nominations in excess of this number (Bullarium Rom., Turin, 1857, VIII, 810 sqq., 833 sqq.). This constitution provides that according to ancient custom (evidently closely related to the above-described interimistic administration by the archpriest, the archdeacon, and the chief of the notaries) the administration of the States of the Church shall be confided to the College of Cardinals after the following manner: the cardinal camerlengo ( are renewed according to seniority. cit., I, 148), i.e., he divided the "regions" among the deacons and created seven subdeacons whom he placed over the notaries, that the latter might collect with fidelity and completeness the acts of the martyrs; he also commanded many buildings to be put up in the cemeteries. Kästers, "Studien zu Mabillons römischen Ordines", Münster, 1905, 65 sqq.).

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] titulos in urbe Româ divisit presbyteris …"; and again: "Hic [Dionysius, 259-268] presbyteris ecclesias dedit et cymeteria et paroccias diocesis constituit"; and elsewhere: "[Marcellus, 308-309] XXV titulos in urbe Româ constituit quasi diocesis propter baptismum et pænitentiam multorum qui convertebantur ex paganis et propter sepulturas martyrum" (op cit., ed. In other words, an ecclesiastical division of the city for various parochial purposes is attributed to popes of the second and third centuries. (Constitutum apocryphum Silvestri I, about the end of the fifth century, c. Item monasteria abbatibus viduata et abbatum nostra præcedente conscientia substitutionem his, qui sunt inter vel fuerint monasticæ professionis, disponenda comittimus" (Jaffé, op. The pope, he says, is like Moses in gentleness of government, while the administration of the cardinals recalls the paternal character of the seventy elders who sat as judges under the patriarch's control. The head of the cardinal-deacons was the archdeacon, also known as . Formerly the dignity of cardinal was acquired only after public proclamation and reception of the hat and ring. The above-mentioned Johannes Diaconus describes as follows the manner in which these eighteen cardinal-deacons assisted at the papal Mass: "In quibusdam vero dominicis et festivis diebus sanctorumque præcipue sollemnitatibus quandoque sacerdos est regalis et imperialis episcopus, immo patriarcha; et idem apostolicus in supradicto sacratissimo altare Salvatoris huius Lateranensis basilicæ missam debet celebrare; et quando celebrat dominus papa sancti Petri vicarius … The "red hat" is given in the next public consistory after they have taken the customary oath.

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