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06-May-2020 17:31

On March 8, 1966, seven-year-old Wendy Sue Wolin was waiting for her mother outside their apartment building in Elizabeth, New Jersey, when a stranger went up to the little girl and fatally stabbed her in the stomach with a hunting knife in broad daylight.

Wendy sue Wolin, age, 7 (pictured left and right), was fatally stabbed in the stomach in March 1966 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The attack also killed her mother, 41-year-old Anne Rubenstein, who was knifed 35 times after returning from grocery shopping and confronting her daughter's assailant.

Beth Moroney, who was Mae's childhood friend, told NBC New York she is almost certain she saw the man in the sketch, believed to be Wendy Sue Wolin's killer, on the day the Rubensteins were knifed to death.

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Investigators never established a connection between the two crimes.

Wendy Sue and her sister, Jodi, lived in Highland Park in their grandparents' home located just a block away from the Rubensteins' residence.

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