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By the last quarter of the 11th century, Vizcaya was once again under the control of Castile, as shown by the dating clause of the 1076 charter of igo Lpez which names "regnante rege Adefonso in omni Yspania", referring to Alfonso VI King of Castile.

It should, however, be recalled that this year marked the beginning of the eclipse of the kingdom of Navarre, after King Sancho V was murdered and replaced by the king of Aragon on the Navarrese throne.

In fact, the titles attributed to the family are no different from those used by other powerful noble families in the kingdom of Castile and Len, as can be seen in the document CASTILE & LEON NOBILITY (1).

The seoro of Vizcaya passed by marriage to the descendants of a younger son of Alfonso X King of Castile in [1290].

From the later 10th/11th centuries, jurisdiction over lava appears to have fluctuated between the Navarrese kingdom and the county of Castile.lvaros widow married, as her third husband, Fernando Gonzlez Conde de Castilla, who is recorded in mid-10th century charters as conde en lava.de Tuy (dated to [1236]) records that "in Castella et in Alaua adolescens...comes generosus...In the mid-13th century, use of the term "seor de Vizcaya" is found more frequently in primary sources, although after that time the family is normally referred to in relation to the seoro de Haro, which must have been considered more important by contemporaries.

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Throughout this time-frame, no reference has been found in any contemporary documentation to indicate that the seores de Vizcaya called themselves "seor soberano de Vizcaya", which is the term frequently found in modern works dealing with the family and which implies a great deal more independence of action than is reflected in the primary sources.

Llorente does not cite the primary sources which confirm the existence of these individuals and the relationships between them which he proposes.