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In the mid-13th century, use of the term "seor de Vizcaya" is found more frequently in primary sources, although after that time the family is normally referred to in relation to the seoro de Haro, which must have been considered more important by contemporaries.

The suggestion is that igo Lpez was the son of Lope Velsquez, named in this charter, and not the son of a hypothetical Lope Munioz.lvaro appears to have been unrelated to Vela Jimnez.His descendants are later recorded in Galicia, which suggests that they were expelled from the kingdom of Navarre after their father died (probably in [931]) because of some unrecorded family transgression.Llorente does not cite the primary sources which confirm the existence of these individuals and the relationships between them which he proposes.

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His hypothesis appears based on the assumption that the seoro de Vizcaya was hereditary within the same family during the 9th to 11th centuries, but this seems far from certain if it can be compared with the other seoros in the kingdom of Navarre during the same period.

The family of the seores de Vizcaya is treated in detail by Pedro de Portugal Conde de Barcels, illegitimate son of Diniz King of Portugal, in his Nobiliario, written in the mid-14th century, although the details of the early generations are suspect The county of lava was located west of the kingdom of Pamplona/Navarre and east of the county of Castile, stretching from the northern Spanish coast southwards inland to north of Logroo.