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24-Feb-2020 06:53

To me, that says there's still a massive amount of search growth opportunity for Google.

If they can make people more addicted to and more reliant on search, as well as shape the flow of information and the needs of people toward search engines, they are likely to have a lot more room to expand searches/searcher. From searches like "Seattle Weather," to more complicated ones like "books by Kurt Vonnegut" or "how to remove raspberry stains?

", Google is trying to save you that click — and it looks like they're succeeding.

66% of distinct search queries resulted in one or more clicks on Google's results. If we look at all search queries (not just distinct ones), those numbers shift to a straight 60%/40% split.

No wonder they need to get creative (or, perhaps more accurately, sneaky) with hiding the ad indicator in the SERPs.

This is not measuring searches and clicks that start directly from maps.or from the Google Maps app on a mobile device.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that over time, we get closer and closer to Google solving half of search queries without a click. It's less than I thought, but perhaps not surprising given how aggressive Google's had to be with ad subtlety over the last few years.

BTW — this is the all-in average, but I've broken down clicks vs. Of distinct search queries in Google, only 3.4% resulted in a click on an Ad Words (paid) ad.

That said, there may still be biases in the data — it could be that certain demographics of Internet users are more or less likely to be in Jumpshot's panel, their mobile data is limited to Android (no i OS), and we know that some alternative kinds of searches aren't captured by their methodology**.Is Google Images more or less popular than Google News? But, thanks to clickstream data providers like Jumpshot (which helps power Moz's Keyword Explorer and many of our keyword-based metrics in Pro), we can get around Google's secrecy and see the data for ourselves!

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