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15-Mar-2020 00:17

And: What motivates someone to go to an internet/OC weekly personals section and post such a hopeful [albeit creepy] message? People who do this sort of thing are afraid of real interaction because, well, real interaction has all sorts of unpleasantness that comes are part of the deal. The might like us and that would require commitment [GASP! The list is endless [For some, actually getting what you want is scarier than being rejected]. By pining away on the personals page over that “missed” opportunity, a person can also hold onto the illusion that the other person might have shared the same “moment” with them as well.There is risk involved with talking to another person. It is comforting to think that someone is flirting with him/her [which they might be] or checking him/her out [which is also possible].Yet, most of these people are content to live on Denial Island, never digging themselves out of their own junk. I was the guy who called you stunning in the elevator this morning. I suppose, this is a slightly more acceptable use of the MC concept since you may have been talking to someone for a prolonged period of time.Example 2 (written by a woman): You flew by me, dread locks flying out the drivers window, your smile at me…you would’ve slowed down….didn’t you know, there was no rush to get there [: I can barely remember a billboard I saw driving yesterday, let alone someone I caught a glimpse of going by on the road. He left before you could take a picture…maybe he’s just not that into you? I am not sure what it was about you but you have something I pressed the wrong floor and you were so sweet trying not ot laugh at me. All of these entries have one thing in common…DENIAL. However, I have to wonder…if you have been talking to someone for hours that you have a real connection with, why haven’t you exchanged contact information for use at a later date [like e-mail]? Boy meets girl/boy talks to girl/boy gets girls # [and hopeful doesn’t follow with boy ejunkulate’s on girl] It’s almost as if you are secretly waiting for something to happen so it can another great “fish that got away” story. I think the best part about this phenomenon, however, is getting to see just how strange and bizarre people behave on Chatroulette [and I’m not talking about the random penis stroking that goes on; Chatroulette Invitation to Ejunkulate = I Never Got That Memo Either].Was there ever a more romantic gesture [Yes, I thought about doing this at least one time…but, so did you]. It’s a pretty simple mathematical formula that produces results.

I told you i was trying to figure out how to take a screenshot and you left! aha I did feel bad after I disconnected, and I tried for a long time to find you again. Singles’ Cruise to Denial Island, now departing from Missed Connections for a four-hour tour.

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