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He simply lived each day as it came.”—Manuel (01/20/09, Ricafrente, B) The colorful sketch of Manuel’s life (Awil) by Ibalon’s Bambi Ricafrente resurrected my memory of Artful Dodger, the smart petty robber in Charles Dicken’s moving story of Oliver Twist (1838). Ok, sikapin na alalahanin hanapin ang karatulang may tanda ng identidad.

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(Photo Credit: Charles Dickens PD; George Cruikshank x 2 PD) ============================================================ Despite his poverty, Awil had a happy disposition. He did not bother to get employment anywhere, join his peasant neighbors reap palay for local landowners during the harvest season, weave weed baskets for local middlemen in the lean months like his neighbors did, or sell rice biscuits or puto in nearby cities for extra income.

Each of us has a winsome idea to think about and a compelling story to tell.

Ibalonian Ona Vigil has beautiful musings which spring forth like sparkling dewdrops in the recesses of her mind. That’s how I learned to memorize the various colors when I was in grade school. Sumugod kami sa nilalakad lang namin na supermarket (wala kaming kotse).

Like the rounded pregnant bead of water ready to drop from a flower, her fluid reflections bring something persuasively personal and dear.” —AFM Gifts…feeling by Ona Vigil They grew up not giving me gifts, I mean material gifts. I recalled my neighbor’s fiery poinsettia and the rows of santan flowers, all brimming RED.

A kiss, a hug, a greeting, a personally made holiday card—they understood these were enough to make me happy. My potted bougainvilleas were lovely in full-bloom. In an ill-descript Bicol town, Awil has to wrestle with fate and intergenerational circumstantial snags that shape adaptation and dampen acrimony against the changes of the seasons. Pinilit naming kalimutan na, basta tao kaming nagugutom.