Ps3 froze while updating

06-Jan-2020 09:50

Here is my Sony 43w800c review I've noticed this TV ( Sony W800C) automatically reboots sometimes when using the *slow* epg guide and opera browser. I do not have may apps installed, just the default bloated apps and Kodi. So I think the EPG guide is updated via the TV Digital signal instead of the internet??

ps3 froze while updating-3

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The recommendation bar, which you would think Google would get bang on, being their bread and butter and all, is hopeless.

t=2409691 has had a scope creep where we started discussing current issues as owners. I started hearing both the TV channel sound and the You Tube sound. – Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x816 23.976fps for one of the movies did not play and said "Unsupported video format" Could not find a way to browse DLNA devices=-- Have you try to download VLC player ? Because those versions of the apps are incompatible with Android TV. I got the KD65X8500C on Sat and updated the firmware straight away took about 45 mins.