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The Portuguese began trading in Ningbo around 1522.By 1542, the Portuguese had a sizable community in Ningbo (or, more likely, on nearby small islands like Shuangyu).Arab traders lived in Ningbo during the Song dynasty when it was known as Mingzhou, as the ocean-going trade passages took precedence over land trade during this time.The city of Ningbo was known in Europe for a long time under the name of Liampó. in the standard Portuguese history, João de Barros's Décadas da Ásia, although Barros explained that Liampó was a Portuguese "corruption" of the more correct Nimpó.Ningbo has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa) with four distinctive seasons, characterised by hot, humid summers and chilly, cloudy and drier winters (with occasional snow).The mean annual temperature is 16.53 °C (61.8 °F), with monthly daily averages ranging from 4.9 °C (40.8 °F) in January to 28.1 °C (82.6 °F) in July.During late Qing era, Western missionaries set up a Presbyterian Church in Ningbo. It was recognized as a national heritage site in 2006.Ningbo ranges in latitude from 28° 51' to 30° 33' N and in longitude from 120° 55' to 122° 16' E, bounded on the east by the East China Sea and Zhoushan Archipelago, on the north by Hangzhou Bay, across which it faces Jiaxing and Shanghai, on the west by Shaoxing, and on the south by Taizhou.

In March 1885, during the Sino-French War, Admiral Courbet's naval squadron blockaded several Chinese warships in Zhenhai Bay and exchanged fire with the shore defences.「可以期待這裡面包含了滿滿的誠意。像是一種很直接的...你也知道,就像是它本就是我日記上的一頁,但我不寫日記,我會把我生活中的點滴寫到歌曲里。它像是一種對摩城式音樂的回歸,並有著當時流行音樂的影子,所以也算是在五六十年代音樂和當代音樂影響下創造出的混合品。」 ("They can expect a lot of honesty. you know, it's like it used to be pages from my diary, instead of keeping diary, I would write songs about what was happening in my life. It's a Motown throwback and pop at the same time, so it's '50s and '60s inspiration mixed with today.") 「我喜愛瑪麗亞·凱莉。甚至可以說她是這個星球上我最喜歡的人了。當然啦,惠妮·休斯頓也是我大愛。只要高音藝術不衰敗,惠妮和瑪麗亞的影響力就會持續地滲透下去。我也喜歡菲姬。她人很有趣,也滿懷著激情。我也很喜歡她能rap得如此的好。就仿佛,她那嗓音仿佛是一個奇蹟,不需要太多的努力,便可做到在G調和A調間收放自如地歌唱。她只要隨口一唱,我就感覺很驚艷了。」 ("I love Mariah Carey. She is literally my favorite human being on the planet. As far as vocal influences go, Whitney and Mariah pretty much cover it. These decadal to centennial monsoon variations correlate with the Greenland temperature changes, supporting a model simulation that the decadal North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and North Pacific Oscillation (NPO) are coupled via atmospheric circulation under glacial boundary conditions, perhaps affecting tropical/subtropical monsoon changes. S., The history and variability of the East Asian paleomonsoon climate.

However, the monsoon transition between the late Allerød and YD lasted 380 yr, longer than the analogous Greenland temperature shift by at least 130 yr [Stuiver, M., Grootes, P.

During the war, British forces took possession of the walled city of Ningbo briefly after storming the fortified town of Zhenhai at the mouth of the Yong River on October 10, 1841.

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