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Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.

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Then go a few steps to the east into the courtyard and search the water barrel in the north-west corner to get a brussels sprout.The player has to create a cabbagespeak amulet to find out what the cabbages want.Gower Quest is steeped in the spirit of Rune Scape and our 15-year anniversary, so you probably won't be surprised to hear that, this time, something strange is happening to Gielinor's cabbages.They are excited to have a real-life adventurer and ask for your help to figure out why cabbages aren't growing.

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After talking to them, proceed to the room directly to the west.

However, the dating pool is less than limited, because I'm the only "out" transgender girl in my school. Then unexpectedly, I get a text from an old friend. Because we were so young, I don't count him as my first real boyfriend. He flirtingly insisted that I bit him and that I tried to convince him my braces were to blame. It felt so awkward communicating with a teenage boy. During one of our conversations he asked me on a date. After all, he was a cis-boy; but just like in the past, he didn't care. This wasn't supposed to happen to me and I was out of my comfort zone. But he's one of those special human beings who looks at a person through his eyes and not those of his peers.