Real homemade

21-Dec-2019 13:17

Hopefully, these seasonings will help you come up with some new ways to cook some of your favorite meals and also give you some new ideas for family meals and grilling too!I’ve been making my own seasoning for chicken and pork for the past few years, and it is sooo much better than anything I’ve ever bought in the stores.Jump to the Whole Egg Mayonnaise Recipe or watch our quick video to see how we make the tastiest and easiest mayonnaise in less than 10 minutes!We all struggle with what to cook for dinner and yes, I am definitely including Adam and I in that!“Dipping dough in lye alters the ratio between sugar and protein, because lye breaks proteins present in the dough into smaller bits.

So I set out to find an authentic German pretzel recipe.Previously I had made Bretzel Rolls, so luckily I was already prepared for this.