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" Charging into TV, Film & Music In the past, Fala only sang other people's songs.Today, she has her own songs and excitedly said: "It feels good! I know I'm still far from being a professional singer, but I didn't know how to act before either.I really enjoyed it." Solo Unfolds Her True Self Chorus and solo are two different things.

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Many times, my thoughts about a performance is the same as acting.If I don't try new things, then how will I know if I can do it or not?Becoming a singer is a dream of mines, now that my dream has come true, I have nothing to lose!Luckily I had a few opportunities to do stage performances and sing.

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It was not only then that people discovered that Fala can sing!I really hope one day I can have agony on whether I should be a singer or an actress, I would tell myself, I want to do both!