Sedating the triple warmer meridian

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Pale urine, abundant means Yang deficiency (lack of activity, listlessness, unawares). Ears, growth, hair, lower body orifices (bladder, anus) Kidney meridian The discomfort which can be treated with a strengthening of the kidney meridian: Untimely signs of old age (Turn grey, loss of hair, treacly bondage etc.) Cold delicacy, backache, osteoporosis, bad teeth, weak knees, night sweat overstretchable joints, hot soles, sedateness, rheumatic tables illnesses, circulatory weakness Edemas, control discomfort, prostate gland discomfort, outpourings, swells, urinary way discomfort, Nephritic problems, dry tongue, dizziness, forgetfulness, weak sexual activity. Ears, Growth, hair, lower body openings (bubble, anus) The lung leads the breath air though in the body, but the kidney function takes it as energy (Qi) into the body.

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Luo-point: B58 Yuan point K3 is additionally supported by the coupled Luo point B58 (Couples bladder with kidney, which has a significantly stimulating (tonic) effect) Master point: B11 The point strengthens bone, marrow, teeth etc.

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