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Maybe I will post additional blogs addressing each subject.Or maybe I will write a book on how to validate surveys from start to finish, sit at home, and get rich off of 10% royalties on an academic book.Would you wait for 5 minutes before you write your next line or you would write the code and later “fix” the errors?If your tests aren’t fast, you won’t run them often.Developing a software without testing is the same as developing software without a version control system or having a database in production without taking backups. Creating good tests is the programmer’s responsibility. Personally, to me, it is more important to have good tests than good code.I can always refactor bad code if I have a good test suite that I trust.

Questionnaire Validation in a Nutshell (I strongly recommend running PCA and CA again after completing the formal data collection phase [i.e., after you use your questionnaire to collect “real” data].Here’s a little trick I’ve been using for a while to help ensure that a large sprawling Catalyst application always generates valid HTML.The idea is to unit test all your templates: the trick is to make it really easy with a helper class: package My:: Test:: Template; use strict; use warnings; use parent q(Template); use Hash:: Merge:: Simple; use Path:: Class qw(dir); use HTML:: Lint:: Pluggable; use Test:: More; sub validate ## end sub validate sub _init sub process ## end sub process 1; ok 1 - output is valid HTML5 ok 2 - Don't display media link () at () is never closed () at () is never closed not ok 3 - output is valid HTML5 # Failed test 'output is valid HTML5' # at root/src/subnav.t line 37.You want to make sure that you get the same factor loading patterns.) When reporting the results of your study you can claim that you used a questionnaire whose face validity was established experts.

You should also mention that it was pilot tested on a subset of participants. Should you report the results from the pilot testing or formal data collection?This way I can easily identify the line of code that doesn’t work. When I make a syntax error, the IDE immediately highlights the line that has the syntax error.